About us

Anhairco was founded in 1925 and it is still a privately owned company with headquarters in Aartselaar (BE) and a production unit in Olen (BE).

We offer a complete line of professional hair care products under our home brands Corona Professional and Scarlett and we also manufacture a broad range of other cosmetic products for private label customers. For more information concerning your own brand, please visit www.anhairco-pl.be.

Anhairco produces not only cosmetic products, but also manufactures hairdresser capes named Pro Tradition Mode. These capes are sold to the hairdressers through a network of European wholesalers.

Furthermore, we are also producer of the Invisible hairgrips, of the Plantex hairlotion and of the Atlas electrical appliances.

Finally, Anhairco is a distributor for hairdresser accessories, in many cases in exclusivity for Europe. E.g. Panasonic, Jaguar, Termix.

In order to be able to fulfill promptly the wholesalers’ requests, Anhairco constantly keeps more than 5,000 items in stock.